Helping Teachers Motivate EFL Students to Foster Their Oral Skills Through Technology.

Author(s):  ELHASSANE EL HILALI​, ABDOUL AZIZ DIA​ (Graduate, Fulbright DAI)


Motivating students of English as a foreign language to use the language for communicative purposes is a paramount concern for teachers in Morocco and Senegal. After many years of learning English, our students’ oral skills in cross-cultural situations remain very low. Our paper aims at exploring effective communicative strategies and best teaching practices to foster EFL students’ oral skills through educational technology. Informal classroom observation is employed in this study to explore the motivational strategies teachers of foreign languages implement in their teaching practices at various senior high schools in Indiana and Westmoreland counties. The findings will help us design series of lesson plans that teachers in our countries can adapt to their teaching styles and their students’ needs in order to foster their fluency in oral situations. This paper will conclude with implications of practice and research for teachers.


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