Drink and Wear Kombucha? A Sustainable Approach to Fashion

Author(s): Makenzie Sayers, Dr. Mercan Derafshi, Dr. Pao Ying Hsiao


Historically, the fashion industry is the world’s second major polluting industry. The production of crops, fibers, and garments are all detrimental to the environment. The degradation includes the following: large amounts of textile waste filling landfills, the use of chemicals, and excessive amounts of water usage. Because of the plethora of prevalent issues, the fashion industry strives to seek innovative ways to become more sustainable to decrease the harm it causes on the environment. The purpose of this research is to spread awareness about the impact the fashion industry has on the environment, by promoting bacterial cellulose (SCOBY) in product development. With tea and sugar, the researcher will grow a SCOBY that resembles leather, experiment with its physical properties, and design and develop a product (small bag). By using SCOBY as an alternative to conventional textiles, we can minimize the negative impact of textiles on the environment.


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