Using Machine Learning to Get the Sentiments of Tweets with Emojis

Student(s): Kaishia Leraci, Daniel Richmond

Mentor(s): Drs. Waleed Farag and Soundararajan Ezekiel


Machine learning is a popular topic in computer science.  This research pertains to using machine learning to get the sentiments of tweets with emojis from Twitter.  Daniel Richmond began this research by using Python to get tweets with certain emojis from Twitter and by using the Naïve Bayes Algorithm to get the sentiments of the tweets.  I used Daniel’s code to get more current tweets from Fall 2019.  I also adjusted his code, so tweets with a neutral sentiment are counted with the positive and negative tweets.  Thus, the code can get tweets from Twitter with the desired emojis figure out if the tweets are positive, negative, or neutral.  Next, I will further refine the Naïve Bayes Algorithm code and find how accurate it is.  I will repeat the process with other machine learning algorithms to find which is the best at getting the sentiment of tweets.



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